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Inspired by Becker Exhibition

Jul. 30 - 31, 2022 10:00am — 5:00pm

Location: Holy Trinity Blythburgh

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'The annual exhibition presents contemporary art which is “Inspired by Becker” and made by artists from across East Anglia who share a deep respect for the work of Harry Becker (1865-1928).  Becker lived and worked in the Blythburgh/Wenhaston area and is buried at Holy Trinity.  

Educated in Fine arts in Antwerp, Paris and London, he turned his back on London’s thriving art scene to begin a life of anonymity and hardship in the pre-mechanised Edwardian farming community of Suffolk’s Blyth Valley.  Whether observing the plough teams, cart loaders or sheep shearers, he wasn’t seeking perfection or to create masterpieces for gallery walls, but was simply paying tribute to the working folk and beasts that brought to life the landscape around him.

His masterful pencil, charcoal and chalk drawings are works of seconds, while even his watercolours and oils took just minutes to complete, making the work compelling, lively and spontaneous, and wonderfully evocative of light. It has a truthfulness and artistic integrity'.

For more information please click on this link http://ibbas.co.uk/