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Blythburgh Dec-Jan 2023/4

Visitors real, virtual and legendary

Visitors throng to Blythburgh to visit the ‘Cathedral of the Marshes’. Almost every Thursday at 11 am they are met by Blythburgh resident Colin Huggins who offers a knowledgeable, free, tour of the church. Last month, Colin welcomed his 1,000th visitor! We celebrated this milestone with tea, cake, and a special tour for members of the village.
We know that a story which draws visitors to the church is one of the spookier Suffolk legends: Black Shuck, the dark giant dog who’s said to have invaded the church with calamitous results. It was no surprise, then, to be asked if we would tell the story again for American broadcaster NBC who were shooting a feature about Arthur Conan Doyle and the Hound of the Baskervilles. Colin Huggins agreed to stand in the TV lights to spill the beans. The show was broadcast at Halloween. Colin – who’s rapidly becoming a media star – was then asked for a similar interview for Greatest Hits Radio.

A different kind of media interest then arose, when – in November – the upscale magazine Country Living hired the Blythburgh Church for a photo-shoot featuring, er, console tables. The spectacular backdrop served its purpose, though Black Shuck failed to show. . .

Christmas is coming

We’re gearing up for Christmas and even more visitors. The list of services taking place in the Cathedral of the Marshes can be found elsewhere in this edition of Heart & Sole, but a couple of them may be of special interest to those beyond our immediate locality. On Saturday 16 December at 4pm we welcome the Blythburgh Singers for our candle-lit Carol Service – resounding with beautiful music and seasonal atmosphere.

If you have children visiting, or are simply nostalgic for a childhood Christmas, please join us on Sunday 24 December at 5pm for our popular Crib Service, when we populate our nativity scene and tell the Christmas story.

The new year. . .

is uncharted territory. Please check our church website www.holytrinityblythburgh.org.uk for details of upcoming events, which we will post there, as and when they develop.

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