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The Cathedral of the Marshes

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Concert: We Are Sound

Location: Holy Trinity

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In the Dark

A 40-minute, totally dark, totally live, sound experience


Saturday 9th March

6.45pm / 8.15pm / 9.45pm

Blythburgh Church

£12.50 + small booking fee


Tickets available online at www.in-the-dark.com



 You hear differently when you cannot see.

It’s time to stop. For 40 minutes. No phones. No input other than sound.

In The Dark is a live sound experience performed entirely in the dark. Three stunning venues spreading from London to the Suffolk coast, each with hundreds of years of history - you can feel it through their walls.

The set list and sound are secret. There will be no programme to flick through as you arrive. Instead, as you leave you’ll be handed the details of what you’ve just heard.

We want your ears to own this. There will be a tiny bit of natural light coming through the stained glass windows in case you get claustrophobic.  But for those wanting full immersion, it’s yours - every ticket holder will be given a sleep mask on arrival, to take home with them at the end of the experience.

Awaken your ears.

For all music lovers. Created by We Are Sound. In 2017/18 we sold out 19 In The Dark experiences within hours.

Tickets & more information are available online at www.in-the-dark.com



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